Julian Stark ‘From LEAN to QRM’ @ 2019 QRM Conference, Wisconsin

From LEAN to QRM with POLCA

At the 2019 QRM Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, QRM advisor Julian Stark held a seminar in which he talks about the successful transition Kooima Company made from LEAN to QRM, with a special role for a digital version of POLCA with incredible results. Watch the full presentation here!

PROPOS proved QRM right at Kooima Company

PROPOS proved QRM right at Kooima Company -

By Julian Stark, Quick Responsive Manufacturing advisor   Picture what happens when you utilize the interstate at a 100 percent capacity. You have a traffic jam! In a traffic jam your speed goes down (sometimes you’re even standing still) and if you would measure the output at a certain point, you would find that the […]

What is QRM – the How and Why

QRM has been developed as a logistic improvement method that fits in better with the large variety that job shops and ‘high mix, low volume’ production environments have to deal with. QRM is all about the production cells (QRCs) functioning as if they were their own mini-companies serving one market segment, in order to ensure […]

Pull production: faster production with less resistance

pull production, flow production industry

When I visit companies or when I attend seminars, sooner or later, it’s all about “pull production”. What is it, what are the benefits and how do you easily create a pull production?   To answer that, we need to look at how production is traditionally planned and managed. A production planning in the traditional […]