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There is more to PROPOS than creating a fully automated production planning. Our technology benefits your entire organization, from your shop floor to your production planner, management and purchasing and supply chain management, sales, etc.

Experience the ease of planning software that automatically schedules released work orders from your ERP system and always remains up to date, whatever changes.


Avoid unnecessary overtime by overcoming highs and lows in production planning with real-time automatic load balancing.


When a production cell is planned to maximum capacity, PROPOS prioritizes orders that need to go to another production cell to guarantee flow in production.


MCT maps allow you to gain insight into possible opportunities for further improvement within your company. PROPOS can realize these MCT maps for you.


Do you want to keep track of how long your operators are present and how productive they are? Worker registration can be included in the PROPOS screen.


We strive to make your work as convenient as possible. That is why you can connect PROPOS to any other software. This way you can have actions perform automatically, controlled by PROPOS.


PROPOS presents the world’s first Digital POLCA module, a powerful method of “ramp metering” to prevent traffic jams from happening on your shop floor. This ensures a smooth flow of your production orders, and provides many benefits for your work in process, lead time and on time delivery rates. Curious? We are happy to explain everything about the power and operation of this system to you in person.

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